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Monster Wave

Water Slide

  • Dual lanes let you race to the pool at the bottom  

  • Fully netted on top for safety

  • Dimensions:  30' x 17' x 18' (height)

  • Power Requirements: 

    • 20-amp circuit or two 15-amp circuits

Inflatable Jousting Rental

  • Great for colleges, sports teams, competitive groups

  • Try to knock your opponent off the pillow

  • Helmets & netting keep things safe

  • Joust sticks or oversized boxing gloves are available with our inflatable jousting rental 

  • Dimensions:  20' x 20'  

  • Power Requirements:

    • One 15-amp circuit​


Dome Inflatable Rentals CT

  • Our BIGGEST, most intimidating inflatable

  • Fully enclosed arena filled with kickballs

  • Four goals allows for a variety of games 

  • Our defender dome inflatable rentals can also be used as a giant bounce house

  • Dimensions:  34' x 34'  

  • Power Requirements:  

    • 20-amp PLUS 15-amp circuit​

Backyard Inflatable Slide Rental

  • Perfect Size for the little ones

  • Our inflatable slide rental can be used as a waterslide or dry slide

    • Slide into a pool or onto a pad

  • Dimensions:  8' x 18'    

  • Power Requirements:

    • One 15-amp circuit 

Air Hockey

Table Rental

  • Rent up to TWO air hockey tables 

  • Our air hockey table rental works at a large event or in a garage

  • Play 1-on-1 or 2-on-2

  • Weekly / Monthly Rentals Available

  • *Note: This photo is not of our specific tables*

Characters & Costumes



Holiday Pumpkin


Pop-Up Liquidation Sale!

  • Costume Sale! 35-Year collection for sale

  • Packaged Costumes, High Quality Rental Costumes, Accessories

  • Lots to choose from!  Too many styles to list...




- Reenactment

- Renaissance


- Theatre

- Colonial

- Victorian

- Halloween

- Storybook

- Octoberfest

  • Packaged Costumes:  $10 - $25

  • Rental Costumes:  $15 - $100

Chuggy Choo Choo Inflatable

Rentals CT

  • Fully enclosed obstacle course for little kids

  • Windows for viewing

  • Zippers for emergency exits

  • Dimensions:  50' x 12'

  • Power Requirements:

    • 20-amp or two 15-amp circuits

Golf Challenge Game

  • Chip your velcro golf ball onto the green

  • Our golf challenge game is great for charities, tournaments, fund raisers

  • Left & Right handed clubs provided

  • Easy assembly 

  • Available for customer pickup


Game Rentals

  • Throw balls, bean bags, or magnetized darts at targets

  • Choose your favorite theme:

    • Troll Toss

    • Potty Toss

    • Pimple Popper

    • Tic-Tac-Toe​

  • Book all four tabletop game rentals for a discount!

  • Available for customer pickup

Sky Dancer Rental

  • Our sky dancer rental is perfect to attract attention for openings, promos, or sales

  • Rent two machines to double the impact

  • Color:  Red

  • Available for customer pickup

  • Electrical Requirements:

    • One 15-amp circuit​

Pucker Powder Machine Rental

  • Let the kids make their own "Edible Sand Art"

  • Multi-colored, flavored sugars dispensed into tubes

  • Choose from a variety of flavors

  • Great parting gift for birthday parties

  • Kosher

  • Our pucker powder machine rental is available for customer pickup


Bike Rental

  • Unconventional, recumbent-style bicycle

  • Seat & tire pivot allowing for aggressive turning

  • Set up a track and run races or just goof around

  • Rent up to 2 bikes

  • Available for customer pickup

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