Water Slide Rentals

Have a splash with our inflatable water slide rentals, dunk tanks, slip and slides or foam pit.

Foam Pit

Trust us.  This one is pretty awesome.


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17' Wipeout Water Slide Rentals

  • BRAND NEW addition to our water slide rentals collection!

  • Fully netted on top for safety

  • A fast ride down into the splash pool

  • Dimensions:  35' x 15' x 17' (height)   

  • Power Requirements:

    • 20-amp or two 15-amp circuits

Monster Wave

Water Slide Rentals

  • Dual lanes let you race to the pool at the bottom of our water slide rentals

  • Fully netted on top for safety

  • Dimensions:  30' x 17' x 18' (height)

  • Power Requirements: 

    • 20-amp or two 15-amp circuits

Tropical Water Slide Rental Combo 

  • Combination bounce house & waterslide

  • Bounce around, climb up and slide into the pool

  • Can be used as a dry inflatable also!

  • Dimensions:  25' x 13'

  • Power Requirements:

    • 20-amp or Two 15-amp circuits

20' Extra Large Water Slide Rentals

  • Eye-catching and perfect for all ages 

  • Great for camps!

  • Dual lane with two splash pools

  • Dimensions:  29' x 21' x 24' (height)  

  • Power Requirements:

    • 20-amp or two 15-amp circuit​s

Single Slip n Slide Rentals

  • Get a running start and slide all the way to the end!

  • Our slip n slide rentals are perfect for ALL ages

  • Great "add-on" item for package deal

  • Dimensions:  30' x 5'

  • Power Requirements:  

    • One 15-amp circuit​

Large Slip n Slide Rentals

  • One step up from the single slip and slide

  • Slide down with a friend!

  • Perfect for ALL ages

  • Dimensions:  34' x 7'

  • Power Requirements:

    • One 15-amp circuit​

Backyard Water Slide Rentals

  • Perfect Size for the little ones

  • Climb the hill and slide into a cool pool in one of our backyard water slide rentals

  • Dimensions:  8' x 18'    

  • Power Requirements:

    • One 15-amp circuit 

Dunk Tank


  • Stay cool on those summer days

  • Our dunk tank rentals are great for fundraising events!

  • Throw the ball, hit the target, and SPLASH!

  • Dimensions:  4' x 8'  

  • Water Source Required for filling but not operation

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